Respect in Politics

From a young age, we are taught respect. Not every culture considers the same actions as respectful, but in every culture, respect is valued. When we show respect to people, we are seen as trustworthy people. Most politicians aim for people to trust them, so why is it that a lot of politicians nowadays take a negative position in campaigning? They use condescending nicknames and unnecessary slander to attack their opponents. It’s seen in state and national politics, as well as within our school.

Criticizing your opponent doesn’t make you superior. Criticizing the population whose votes you are trying to win doesn’t make you superior either. When people vote for you, it’s usually based off of how you address issues that need addressing or how you approach the community in general. Personally, I have lost all respect for some politicians due to how they present themselves and treat others. A well-known example of poor treatment is the famous line that describes grabbing a woman by her genitals without her consent. Our president even had tapes released about him including the terrible things he’s done and said to women. Ocasio-Cortez, a democrat running for president in 2020, is commonly known for her criticizing of Trump and his policies. Though what politicians say might be true, they need to deliver it in a respectful manner. Instead of intentionally slandering each other, you should offer opinions and statements that will help you, rather than pushing another person down.

We have come a long way as people in politics, but sometimes it seems that we are regressing. When somebody is put in a position of potential power as a politician, they must watch their words because they always impact one person or another. If more people explain the positives of voting for them, they can properly express the change that they want to see in the world and further their communication with the masses.

A political cartoon mocking the president.

Photo credit: The Press-Enterprise

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