Senior Ditch Day at WCTA

Following an unprecedented snow day, the majority of the senior class participated on a “senior ditch day” on March 25. This timeless tradition has been ongoing at WCTA since its founding, and for one day every year, approximately one-fourth of the student body is absent.

Although senior ditch days are not officially recognized by CCSD, they are recognized by America as a student tradition with roots across every state. On this day, seniors are allowed a day of respite to enjoy time with friends, relax in front of the TV, and catch up on lost sleep. Senior Ellis Prescott said, “I thought it was nice to have a break from school. The last semester of our year has a great stretch of no breaks, so I felt like senior ditch day was a well-deserved one.”

This is a common consensus among seniors who, if anyone asked, would reiterate the same feelings as Ellis; even seniors who remained at school for this day also shared the same sentiments. In fact, many seniors who attended school on this day voiced appreciation of the slower-than-usual lessons that teachers had prepared for the unofficial event. When I asked Environmental Science teacher Jeffrey Gromny said, “I have no issue with senior ditch day, as long as I know in advance when it is taking place so that I can plan for it.”

As time continues and each class progresses to their eventual senior year, students can rejoice and rest easy for the once-an-academic-life event.

Most 12th grade classes at WCTA were down to five seniors or less.

Photo Credit: Kael Landenberg, WCTA Journalism Student

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