Spotlight: Paul Quiroz, WCTA Alumni

Paul Quiroz is just one of the several former WCTA students that graduated. Now an alumni, West Tech was just the head start for his bright future.

Quiroz joined the nursing program when the school opened in 2010. As he is a part of the first class that attended all four years and graduated, he held a lot of weight on his shoulders. Quiroz states, “There is a lot of pressure for us to succeed and do better. We do have to set the standards for everyone else.”

During his time here, he made sure he made the most out of his high school career. “I was a part of the Dance Company in my junior year,” stated Quiroz. “I met a lot of cool people that shared the same experiences as me.” He explains how he is eternally grateful for the time he was able to spend with peers that didn’t focus only on their program.

With CTE schools being significantly different from public schools, he did his best to enjoy it as much as possible. Even though he did enjoy the extracurricular side of high school, he did have to handle the stress of school work. “I was in pre-nursing, so we had the experience of clinical and hospitals,” said Quiroz. “This made me more prepared for my future career.” Knowing that he was passionate about nursing, he figured that a public school wouldn’t be for him.

After he graduated in 2014, he was certain he was eligible to take his goals to the next level. But as he is looking back at his WCTA, he wished he had done more. Quiroz exclaimed, “I probably would’ve focused more on my studies and join more clubs just so I could get out there more.”

As CTE schools are what hundreds of incoming high schoolers aim to attend, Quiroz does have his own words of advice. “Try to have as much fun as you can, but also balance your school work. You only have four years of high school. Pay attention to your classes and your teachers because they care about you. And make sure you get out more!”

Quiroz is currently in his last semester of college with plans of graduating this Spring. He is also interning at Bishop Gorman High School under an athletic trainer as his supervisor. As he is about to finish college with a Bachelor of Science and Kinesiology degree, he hopes to become a Physical Therapist in the future.

Paul Quiroz, four years after graduating from West Tech.

Photo Credit: Megan Roma

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