Have you ever gone hiking at Red Rock and noticed how breathtaking the view is? Or gotten lost at Springs Preserve and caught the attention of a brown vested worker? That person wasn’t a worker, but a volunteer.

The people who keep Red Rock clean aren’t workers either, but volunteers. Volunteers are more involved in everything than most people realize. Almost never getting the recognition they deserve.

After school clubs like DECA, HOSA, Key Club, NAHS, and NHS require volunteer hours to join or to continue being a member.

Fortunately, there are many places where high school students can go volunteer at. Museums like the Springs Preserve, a community center, a former school, an animal shelter, a nearby library, or even a place of worship.

The benefits of volunteering aren’t one sided either. For starters, just knowing that a difference is being made is very rewarding.

“I want to give back to the community and volunteering allows me to do such things,” said Freshman Phillipe Guzman.

Helping makes people feel good, and being helped relieves stress. It might just be greeting everyone and welcoming them at first, but later becomes saying good morning to everyone you cross paths with. “I’ve volunteered before for school,” said freshman Wendy Fang. “It’s fun, you get to meet new people and help out the community.”

What once was a required from volunteering at a specific place ends up becoming a habit and sooner or later helping others will slowly become a lifestyle.

Who knows? You could be making someone’s day with an action as simple as holding a door open.

Welcome to Springs Preserve, a great place where student volunteers choose to do their volunteer hours.

Photo Credit: Yaksi Corona

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