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A path we’ve all had to take is the path through high school. For some, a promise land of great accomplishments and preparation for a new chapter in life, and for many more, a bundle of obstacles to overcome with brain-teasing decisions. At this point in life, any small support is much valued, as words from others only help us reach higher. Keep reading while we take a look at West Tech students words of wisdom that have helped them climb the sky.

One of the most common struggles that students have had is managing their time. WCTA senior, Alexa Ching said, “In student council, I started off as an ambassador, and then I won the junior class vice president, and this year I am the student body vice president. I’m pretty proud of my work in High School.” All of these accomplishments must have caused loads of stress and demanded a hard work ethic.

Alexa Ching explains that all of this took a lot of time and effort to do, and even more so to maintain. Ching said, “Manage your time! That was something I struggled with freshmen and sophomore year, and right around junior year is when I sort of pulled my act together. I started doing assignments the day I got them, and planned in advance so I wouldn’t get behind.” Time is a limited thing, especially with students who have so many responsibilities; being able to keep track makes a huge difference.

Have you ever turned something in late, but have over exaggerated about the impact it will have on your grade? Or have you ever done very bad on an exam and simply thought your life was over? Alyssa Kirste, a WCTA junior, says that staying mad about past mistakes is the biggest burden to bear in high school, and that students should learn to move on.

Kirste said, “The best advice I have gotten in high school is just try your best and if you don’t get it the first time it’s not the end of the world! That is what motivates you to do better the second time around.” Lots of students over stress about assignments and tests that they didn’t do well on, regardless if it had a significant impact or not. Kirse added, “I believe I’ll keep this advice with me for the rest of my life.”

As you walk down that road, in sight of the future, keep these words in mind. High School is not what defines you, or the hard work and countless hours that you put in it. Rather, it is the way you view these four years, which should be cherished to the very end, that truly depicts your persona. But don’t worry, it’ll be over soon enough!

Alyssa Kirste and Alexa Ching; your regular high schoolers that have endured the struggles of school, but never let it bring them down

Photo Credit: Elvin Kosuta

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