“Is Homework Necessary?”

As West Tech is a CTA and Magnet school, it is to be expected that there will be many assignments given out to a student. But the question is… “is homework really that necessary?” Sure, it might be helpful so it allows students to learn, but is it really necessary to give out an excessive amount of assignments?

Although having too much homework can be stressful, most students think that the right amount of homework is manageable. Sophomore, Hazel Mae Valzado says, “I do think homework is necessary because it allows students to understand their subject better.” Valzado thinks that having homework better prepares students for future tests, and or quizzes.

For some students, they think that homework does not need to be necessary but more of an optional work. Sophomore, Seda Sargsyan says, “I think homework is not necessary but an optional worksheet for home would work better.” Sargsyan thinks that having homework as an option can help relieve stress and allows students to have more time to do other things.

For a teacher’s point of view, Chemistry teacher, Mrs. Stephenson says, “I think that homework is a method of forcing students to study. It is also used for practice, just like any sport.” Mrs. Stephenson thinks that as in any sport, in education practice makes perfect.

Duke University psychology professor, Harris Cooper says that students who do their homework do academically better in school. It shows that doing homework is like an extra practice and allows the students to excel. To conclude, Cooper said that homework can be very beneficial as it excels students academically, but not that necessary.

A student dropping her homework down the stairs of West CTA.

Photo Credit: Dominique Lauron

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