Bizarre Eats

Las Vegas is known for its world renowned restaurants and high class cuisine. As many already know this, many don’t know that Vegas is also home to some of the most bizarre restaurants, where the experience is just as exciting and unique as its food.

First on our list is BLACKOUT Dining in the Dark. This restaurant takes their guests into a pitch-dark room, where they then blindly dine. Senses come to the test as you can only feel, smell, and taste your food without being able to see any of it.

Next is the Mermaid Lounge. Located in Silverton, this dining experience gives guests the opportunity to gaze at “mermaids” as they dive into a 117,000 gallon tank filled thousands of tropical fish. Waiters and waitresses, disguised as mermaids, happily serve in their lagoon-themed restaurant, carefully designed to take you out of Vegas and into the ocean.

If you are looking for a way to escape the Vegas heat, Minus5º Ice Experience can definitely do that for you with its bar and lounge, completely made up of ice. Located in the Venetian and Mandalay Bay, this bar is -5º C, or in other words, 23ºF, and is adorned with ice sculptures. Here you can layer up and catch a fresh, chilly drink away from the sunny outdoors.

Wonder what it’s like to digest thousands of calories in a single meal? Heart Attack Grill, located on Fremont Street, offer foods that can contain up to 10,000 calories. With its “octuple bypass burgers” and its four-patty meals, This restaurant does not fail to serve food that, if eaten regularly, could literally cause a heart attack.

Lastly, if you’re a fan of thrill, scenery, and good food, Dinner In The Sky can arrange that all in one place. Dinner In the Sky offers the chance for around 20 people to be suspended 180 feet up into the air with their staff, as they prepare, cook, and serve their food. One of the most thrilling dining experiences, this dinner will be one you’ll always remember.

Whether you crave adventure or good food, why not get both in one of these bizarre restaurants that have creatively entertained thousands of guests over the years. These are just among many, as more and more innovative restaurants have opened in hopes to create, not just a dinner, but an experience that their guests will never forget.

BLACKOUT Dining in the Dark is just one of the many strange restaurants Vegas has to offer.

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