Rozar’s $10,000 Allocation Equals 17 New Instruments

On February 7, WCTA Principal Mrs. Rozar allocated $10,000 to the Orchestra program. With the allocation funds, Orchestra Director Dr. Maldonado purchased seventeen brand-new instruments -- fourteen string and three wind/brass -- for the Orchestra program.

Mrs. Rozar said she felt good about allocating the money to the Orchestra program. She explained that although Dr. Maldonado has been doing a great job not only as a teacher of the students but a caretaker of the instruments, some of the instruments she recently saw were either irreparable or more costly to repair than replace. She feels students should be able to grow while playing music and that they should be able to do that at West Tech.

Dr. Maldonado (Dr. M) stated that upon being informed of the allocation, he was both very happy and very excited. He continued, “I had just spent some money from our own fundraising budget to purchase instruments, and I knew I needed a lot more. This program has been growing exponentially year after year, and we need more and more instruments all the time. It was the right time; It was a godsend.”

Upon being asked what the allocation tells him about Mrs. Rozar’s feelings and aspirations for not only WCTA’s orchestra but also its other arts, Dr. M responded, “I think she recognizes that the arts have an important place to play in the lives of students and the school community. It was a wonderful gesture on her part that shows she feels strongly about the arts and the orchestra program and wants to help it in any way she can.”

One of Dr. M’s many goals for the orchestra is “to one day perform in festivals outside of the state, maybe one day internationally…. I just want students to know that we have a wonderful music program here at a magnet school, and that it’s an option for them. If they are looking to go to a magnet school that will help them, I hope they’ll consider West.”

Two avid students who considered WCTA’s orchestra program are Freshman Henry Snow and Senior and former Orchestra Council President Janelle Ferraris. Snow feels “appreciated that [Mrs. Rozar] takes the time to really think about the orchestra because at a lot of schools, the arts are just left in the dust.” In his first year in the WCTA orchestra, he has felt “welcomed” adding that “Dr. M has really pushed me to strive for greatness [and] be a better cellist.” Ferraris said “more students can get their own instrument because before, they would have to share, look around for instruments not in use, or not always get the proper size.” In her four years in the orchestra program, Ferraris has seen the orchestra grow “not just performance wise but organization wise; not just classes but families.” Finally, she added, “We can only be what we are, who we are. We are the WCTA Orchestra!”

This violin is one of the seventeen instruments Dr. M purchased with the allocation funds.

Photo Credit: Paul'Jacob Barney

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