The Sun Sets on Bonnie Springs

Bonnie Springs has lasted robberies, scandals, drought, and has seen some of the biggest name in the wild west, but it has recently been sold to commercial development. As of March 17,2019, Bonnie Springs Ranch is no longer a destination that tourist can add to their sight-seeing list.

Before it closed, it was a beloved destination of locals. Here you can dive into the rich history of Nevada, learn about Nevada’s environment, and be entertained by people in costumes.

Perhaps its most famous feature was its Halloween themed haunted houses called “Bonnie Screams”. Here, customers were chased by people in masks to get that rush of adrenaline and a rush of the Halloween spirit.

The beloved ranch will be replaced with a development plan that includes approximately 20 new homes, a motel, and a barn feature. Architects in charge of the design were focused on keeping the land very similar to the current design so that it causes little disturbance to the residents who already live there.

The development plans have sparked controversy among Las Vegas locals, environmentalist, and residents of Blue Diamond. They argue that having a plan that is intended to be similar to what the ranch was is simply pointless, and it is a waste of Nevada’s History.

Land that was once used to take generations of tourist on a journey to the past is now the center stage for a political issue. The development on this land is a large loss for the “Save Red Rock” movement, a moment to stop the developing on the national park, and having such a beloved landmark torn down is a demonstration that the entire national park is susceptible to development.

Whether you enjoyed Bonnie Springs for its atmosphere, history, or beauty of the surrounding environments, it is truly unfortunate that not as many people will be able to enjoy all the Nevada has to offer.

Line of people trying to enjoy Bonnie Springs before closing on March 17

Photo Credit: Cinthia Maldonado

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