Sony vs Disney: The Battle for Custody

Back in 2015, Disney announced that a new contract had been set into play to introduce Tom Holland’s Spider-Man into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, all beginning with Captain America: Civil War all the way to recently with Peter Parker as an Avenger. Back in August, companies Disney and Sony had a meeting to renew their contract. The previous contract stated that Disney receives about 5% of first-dollar gross and all merchandising revenues while the opposing company received 95% of the profit.

To Disney, their new agenda was to adjust the contract so that the profits were split 50/50. Sony, in response, refused to sign the new contract for the reason that the company’s biggest income has been brought in from the Spider-Man franchise.

Due to the lack of compromise, news about the young superhero being taken out of the MCU quickly spread across the internet. This upset many and caused tension to rise as fans took sides on who to blame.

The two sides argue whether Disney asking for more shares was selfish, considering their success as a company in comparison to Sony.

Sophomore Lian Jiu said, “I think this one’s on Sony. Disney contributes to the majority of their money into production, it’s understandable why they would want more than 5% of the profits.”

However, some fans feel indifferent and believe that Sony sticking up for the original contract is important.

Junior Selina Chau opposed that and instead said, “Disney is already a Monopoly. It seems to own every other company and makes millions no matter what it does. Spider-Man is Sony’s best seller and they need that profit money to pay everyone.”

While the two companies have yet to come to an agreement, fans wait with anticipation whether their beloved superhero will be taken out of the story line that is The Avengers.

Sony and Disney battle it out to keep Spider-Man in the MCU and keep fans happy.

Photo credit: Joey Magidson

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