The Canceled Foam Party

As students are entering the second month of school, they are just getting into their school spirit. One back-to-school tradition at West is a dance before homecoming. Last year, we had a wonderful glow in the dark themed dance. This dance was pretty successful in allowing students to meet each other as well as spread school spirit.

It was announced that our back-to-school dance this year would have a foam party theme. Many of the upperclassmen laughed at this idea, while the younger students encouraged it. It was announced on August 22 that the foam party would be canceled. Many students were very confused, as the reason for it being canceled was not mentioned.

After an interview with Ms. Donolli, the teacher in charge of student council and all of our dances, it was concluded that the dance was cancelled due to the lack of school spirit on our part. There were reportedly only 9 tickets bought by August 21st, which made it clear that not enough people would be interested. According to Ms. Donolli, “There wasn’t enough interest for the money it would have cost us.” A foam party would cost around $2,000, which can’t be done with the money from 9 tickets.

As of now, there are no plans for another dance. That being said, there are plans for an upcoming movie night. Further details will be announced soon. Until then, remember to keep your school spirit up, Wranglers!

Scheduled back-to-school foam party canceled due to lack of school spirit.

Photo Credit: Showclix

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