Why Teachers Strike

Tensions rise as teachers seem more and more likely to participate in a strike on September 10th aimed at getting the approval of a 3% raise in the salaries of all teachers. Students alike have begun to protest and strike throughout the district, some starting on Monday, August 26th, and others rumored to begin on the 5th of September to demonstrate solitariness for our teachers.

But what has teachers so upset? From broken promises to shady purchases, the teachers have time and time again been let down by the board of trustees for CCSD. During the board meeting on the 22nd of August, teachers passionately voiced their discontent with the lack of honesty from the superintendents of the school district.

Superintendent Jesus Jara was also put in the spotlight, teachers calling him out for inappropriately using funding to buy himself a stationary bike. The irony in this is that to keep the product “hidden” from the public, he listed it as a transportation fee.

They expressed disappointment at the board for leading them to believe that they would be paid for the extra certifications they acquired, having to go through several workshops. Some of the requirements even included having to pay money to PBS (which is owned by CCSD) to be able to get their certification.

Students also expressed anger towards the board, and support towards their teachers. Jackson Ellsworth, Senior, said, “the teacher strike would do more good than harm. I understand that by striking you can affect the quality of students' education, however the same could be said for how underfunded classrooms are; it is important to draw a line to prevent teachers from getting walked all over. Education is the future of not just our country, but our world after all”.

Jackson Ellsworth and Mr. Dunning pose together in support of teachers all over CCSD.

Photo Credit: Naomi Rodriguez

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