Will CCSD Teachers Strike?

Across the United States, teachers are fed up with unfair pay and unfair treatment. Educators of Clark County School District have recently brought attention to their low pay by threatening to strike.

The possible strike is planned for September 10, but if CCSD and the Clark County Education Association come to an agreement, the strike could be canceled. Teachers are demanding better treatment, such as salary increase, salary increase for continuing education, and more funding for health insurance.

WCTA educators and staff are speaking up about their treatment as well. WCTA teacher Mrs. Stephenson said, “I understand why some teachers will choose to strike on the 10th. I can’t because I have to save my sick leave for when I have my babies. Did you know teachers have to use their sick leave for that? Lame!”

There is a lot of talk about pay for teachers who have received higher education than a bachelor’s degree. College can be expensive and time-consuming; educators have expressed their need for compensation. “Pay us for our master’s degrees! Or is that too hard?” said Stephenson.

Students have also expressed their beliefs on the topic of teacher conditions. WCTA sophomore Josette Haile said, “Personally, I feel that teachers are treated poorly under CCSD policy. Children are our future and teachers shape the minds of our youth. Education is currently being provided by our overworked, underpaid teachers that deserve compensation for their hard work.”

Citizens across the US have vocalized concerns over the trend of low teacher pay to the point of which it is now being considered a national issue. “It is seen throughout the country as teachers begin to protest for a livable wage. In places like Ohio teachers have to pay for their classroom supplies in addition to their own mortgage or rent. If our government can pay for a wall, they should be able to pay the teachers more,” said Haile.

As the strike comes closer and closer, the question looms over everyone's heads: will CCSD come to an agreement with hard-working educators?

Teachers protest at Spring Valley High School days before the deadline for the scheduled strike.

Photo Credit: Andrew Zidzik

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