Seniors Prepare for Application Season

It may be the seventh week of school but seniors are already applying to college. Several have already been accepted to the college of their choice, and others have not applied all together. So with all the rush to get into the college of their dreams, what should seniors do?

Students who have already begun the application process know that it can be tedious and time-consuming. Those who haven’t applied get the sense of dread every time they hear college mentioned. But those who have been accepted know exactly what to do and how to help.

Jackson Ellsworth, a senior at West CTA, had recently been accepted into UNLV to study secondary education in hopes of becoming a teacher. When asked what his thoughts were on the application process, he said, “The process was very tedious but easy. I really just kind of put in my information and my transcript. It asks a lot of questions, I assume they're all to see if you can qualify for any scholarships or grants because of the casinos and how they give money to the school for certain things.” When asked if he had any advice, he added, “I would do it early just to give me the time I need to do other things. That stress is something you could avoid, so as the application deadlines begin, I would start to get on top of everything.”

But don’t just take it from a senior here, teachers also have great tips on applying to college. Mr. Crouch, a math teacher here at WCTA, said, “Have a backup in your state for sure, and make sure that you’re applying to schools you can be successful in.”

And to the seniors who haven’t even applied to college yet: you’re not alone. Eric Dovbenco, another senior here at West, says he hasn’t applied to college yet. “I want to go to college and move on to the film industry,” he said. “I just haven’t had the time to apply yet.”

So remember seniors, even if you haven’t applied, you can always go to teachers, classmates who have, and help each other get into the school of your dreams.

Photo Caption: Seniors all around West CTA are applying for college.

Photo Credit: Fastweb

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