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Throughout pop media history, many pregnancy rumors regarding famous celebrities have surfaced the internet and have either been confirmed or shut down right away. Rihanna is no stranger to them either. The multi-talented celebrity has been rumored to be pregnant before, but the internet claims to have proof this time.

The rumors first started at her annual Diamond Ball gala. During an interview, the singer talked about one-day giving birth. Then, during her later performance with Pharell Williams, fans in the crowd noticed a small bump. Whether it was just her dress, or if it’s truly a baby bump, fans went on twitter and started buzzing about it.

By the next morning, #Rihannaspregnant was trending on Twitter. Many people had mixed opinions about it.

“She’s been so busy with her makeup and a secret album lately. If she is pregnant, I don’t know how she’ll manage but I’m happy for her,” said sophomore Megan Roma.

“I don’t believe it,” Lian Ju, sophomore, said. “I feel like she’d do what Kylie Jenner did and hide her pregnancy until the end. I think if she was pregnant, she’d announce it in a better way or just try to cover up the bump at the gala.”

Anonymous comments from her team have also been made claiming that they believe the star is carrying a child, though she hasn’t acknowledged the rumors in any way.

Whether Rihanna is pregnant or not, fans are very proud of her accomplishments as the owner and creator of a makeup brand and excited at having a secret album on its way. Being a mother on top of that could be added to her list of successes by the end of the year.

Photo Caption: WCTA students discuss the hot new rumors involving Rihanna.

Photo Credit: Alexa Hernadez-La Rosa

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