What You Need to Know About Palo Soccer Girls

At Palo Verde, there is a unique group of girls. These are the Palo soccer girls. They have been undefeated this whole season and continue to remain that way. The team has competed against Gormon, Spring Valley and more highschools.

They are a tight-knit group of team-mates who work together. As a team, they have grown to be friends. The girls are coached by Mr. Messina, and appreciate his coaching.

Sophomore Promiss Croysdill who attends Palo said, “The season has been going well so far, like really well. We are undefeated so far. We took the championship and the pre-season tournament last year and I scored two goals so please put that in there.”

She also said, “I would definitely say I found new relationships. At first, we were a little shaky, you know a fight here and there… but then we did a team bonding activity and we are closer than even the varsity players I would say.”

Promiss continued to say, “ We actually made a funny bet with our coach. If we go undefeated the whole season, my coach, Frank Messina will do a TikTok of our choice.”

WCTA Sophomore Mackensey Lane said, “ I have been playing soccer for awhile and really love the sport. Playing soccer at Palo is fun because I have friends on the team and I am very passionate when I play.”

She also said, “Our team is really close and that definitely helps us win games. We are excited for the rest of the season and ready to play our hardest!”

It is easy to recognize their dedication to the team. Remaining undefeated is not easy, but they are all friends who love each other and love the thrill of the game.Overall, the team is doing great this year and many students are looking forward to the championship.

Photo Caption: The Palo Verde girls soccer team poses for a picture.

Photo Credit: Alexis Antonopoulos

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