ALIENS! Do They Exist? Area 51 Raiders Band Together for the Truth!

After months of preparation, and the combined forces of many individuals, the raid has finally come to pass. With its origins rooted with a joke on Facebook and quickly becoming one of the most relevant memes of its time, the eventual turnout for the popular event came to be only one percent of the actual amount of individuals who said they were interested. On the day of the event, the few thousand individuals showed up on the designated meetup point, the tiny town of Rachel, Nevada, swarming its population of around 50 with thousands of raiders, memers, campers, and Naruto runners.

Despite all the hype surrounding the raid, it ended up disappointing many individuals who followed the event. “I watched live streams and they were all really boring. I was hoping to see a bunch of Naruto runners, running at the gate as a unit,” freshman Gabe Scarlata said. To the people who wanted to see something entertaining happen, the Area 51 raid was a complete and utter let down.

Many also expected such a lack luster outcome. “I can’t imagine the government not preparing for such a widespread, popular event that takes place at one of their facilities,” junior Tadas Glebo said. However, this kind of outcome made people think that there could have possibly been something extreme that the government was hiding.

“Imagine if the government faked the news, and made it seem as though no one got through, but in reality the secrets were uncovered, but they had something to make them forget,” Glebo said, “Or what if they kidnapped the raiders and replaced them with aliens to do an experiment to see if they could live in our world.” With the disappointing outcome, it causes many to come up with conspiracies that make others think, “what if”.

Photo Credit: Bridget Bennet

Photo Caption: Area 51 Raiders lining up for a group photo in front of the gate.

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