Seniors Rise for Senior Sunrise!

Area 51? More like West 51! The week of Sept. 20 on Friday, as the sun was still rising, the class of 2020 had their Senior Sunrise on the West Tech field.The theme for this year's Senior Sunrise was “West 51” based on the Area 51 invasion on the same day that had a lot of people talking.

Almost the entire class of 2020 kicked off their senior year by getting up very early in the morning to get together for the start of the end, their last year together as high school students.The purpose of this day was to bring everyone together to start of their senior year with great memories and close bonds that they will always remember.

Student Council advisor, Ms.Donolli, said, “Senior Sunrise is an event that is held every year and it is the first time that they all realize that they are now seniors.” As Ms.Donolli described, this is the time that seniors accept the fact that this is the year that they have to leave their childhood behind and become an adult. During the Senior Sunrise students enjoyed the day break as they were eating delicious donuts from Krispy Kreme and bagels from Einstein Bros Bagels. Senior Brianna Brooks said, “I had lots of fun with my friends it didn't even feel like we were there for an hour.” Senior sunrise was one hour long but to most students the time went by so fast.

The 2019 senior sunrise was an event that most seniors looked forward to and had an amazing time. As Senior Eden Solomon said, “I loved the fact that a lot of people showed up and had a great time with each other.” This was a fun event that brought not only friends together but rather the entire senior class. The Senior Sunrise of 2019 was an amazing day that the seniors will now have in their life long book of memories.

Photo Credit: Yeabsera Belete

Photo Caption: Seniors watching the beautiful sunrise as they celebrate their last year in high school.

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