HOSA Puts the Fun in Fundraising!

Many believe that giving is not only making a donation but more importantly making a difference. This week, Health Occupation Student Association, HOSA, has been selling coupon cards around campus to raise money for the clubs future competitions and trips that will be held.

HOSA is a club that takes many trips to different states for different medical competitions and leadership conferences. These fundraising cards will help raise money for the club, and the people who buy the cards are also getting discounts from different food/entertainment places in return.

Sophomore Meron Shiferaw said, “It’s important for HOSA to raise money because it is a great club that should last long, but it does require a lot of money due to the many competitions and trips that are held annually.” This year HOSA is planning to attend the CTSO,Career and Technical Student Organization, Fall Leadership Conference as well as the State Leadership Conference. These are just a few of the many events that will require money for transportation, food, and hotel rooms if the event is held out of state.

The fundraising cards that HOSA is selling is one way to gain money. Each card is sold for twenty dollars or two cards for thirty dollars. As said by HOSA Advisor Mr. Gonzales, HOSA has tried to sell these same cards in the past few years but were unsuccessful because there were many other clubs at West Tech selling them as well. It was very hard to get anybody to purchase them.

However, this year HOSA is the only club at West Tech that will be selling these fundraising cards around campus which makes it easier to get more sales. Gonzales said, “The more money that is raised will keep the cost of trips down for the students.'' The more fundraising cards that the club sells, the cheaper the trips and competitions will be for students. Remember that the more given back to schools and communities, the bigger difference is being made.

Photo Credit: Yeabsera Belete

Photo Caption: A layout of a HOSA member's fundraising cards as they get ready to sell some during lunch.

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