Marvel vs DC

The rivalry between Marvel and DC has been going on since the rise of the two franchises in the early 20th century. With the combined work of many brilliant comic book writers, Marvel and DC comics have created new, developed universes with a multitude of new places and super-powered characters.

The question then arises, which one has produced the most powerful characters and would come out on top?

If it were an all-out battle between the heroes, who knows who would become the victor. With powerful heroes on both sides like Superman and Captain Marvel, anyone has a chance of coming out on top.

Most of Marvel’s most popular heroes are humans turned hero by acquiring the power of some sort. These heroes use their newfound powers for good, for example, the Hulk, Captain America, Spiderman, etc.

“Marvel has written their stories and movies to make us feel an emotion in some way, their movies especially have not been solely about the action,” Sophomore Ryan Lee said. Marvel characters aren’t meant to be powerful god destroying heroes that DC characters are meant to be.

From Groot’s sacrifice to Iron Man’s death, everyone that watched those scenes felt sadness in some way; the villains put anger in our hearts for hurting our beloved heroes; the happiness all rolls in at the end of the movie when we experience the closure of victory.

The opposite comes from DC, whose heroes are typically not human at all. They were always powerful, for example, Superman (an alien), Aquaman (King of Atlantis), Wonder Woman (daughter of Zeus), etc.

“DC makes powerful characters all the time, even the Justice League movie brought in a villain that could have possibly been a near impossible battle for the heroes in the MCU,” sophomore Kent Nguyen said.

Marvel’s heroes are supposed to experience hardship, struggling to achieve their goal to create meaning like sacrifice or love. DC’s heroes were always expected to win and show what using power for good can do for the world. So, in the end, if it were to come to an all-out brawl between heroes in both worlds, DC has an edge over Marvel.

Photo Credit: B. Alan Orange

Photo Caption: Marvel and DC face head-on to see who comes out on top.

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