Teen Fashion Nowadays: Yay or Nay?

Students walk into a cafeteria filled with a sea of their peers, each with their own distinctive style, making the crowded lunchroom a stage for originality. High school students illustrate a variety of fashion styles that can project a student’s personality. As teens grow up, their taste in clothes, personal style, and how they dress is a constantly changing factor in their life.

Nowadays, fashion according to Freshman Marquel Moser, consists of “Many 80’s fashion trends and a good amount of the 90’s in some styles here and there.” Some 80’s trends that have been brought back include mom jeans, neon-colored clothing, biker shorts, chunky sole sneakers, parachute/cargo pants, windbreakers, quarter zipper tops, and many more. 90’s clothing that have returned include corduroy material, pleated skirts, denim on denim, slip dresses, cartoon graphic tees, animal print, tons of patterned clothing, and several more that have been cited nowadays. New York's fashion week, which was held February 8- 16, 2019, featured many of the pieces that were listed, including some on the runway.

Freshman Sebastian Florres said, “All around campus I see so many different styles. The most common types of clothing I see around campus are windbreakers, mom jeans, chunky soled shoes, and a lot of print. If I were to describe my style it would be quirky and rad.” Florres also noted that he felt his personality accurately reflected in his style half of the time. Meanwhile, Freshman Jett Engebretsen felt differently, as he said, “Personally I feel my style completely shows my personality and kind of who I am.”

Even though these fashion trends are apart of a whole different era that is now behind us, they have still managed to reemerge back into our lives and serve as a piece of the past that evolves with us. 80’s and 90’s trends according to Freshman Lana Zekanovic, “is now a staple in teen fashion that suits some of us who are said to be ahead of our time, therefore allowing us to bring the past with us in a different kind of way so we can be creative with our appearance.”

Photo Credit: Madeline Cabana

Photo Caption: CTA students' 80's and 90's Grunge inspired outfit.

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