Super Bowl Contenders

The playoffs are right around the corner and teams are beginning to clinch for spots on the bracket. This raises the question of who will come out on top of their divisions and make it to the Super Bowl.

Currently, the American Football Conference or AFC has 2 teams that have clinched spots onto the bracket: the Ravens, who clinched wild cards, and the Chiefs, who clinched divisions. The NFC has one team who clinched a spot: the Saints. They were the team that clinched divisions.

Both conferences seem quite even, having the obvious top three teams that are very consistent. “I can’t really tell who will come out on top and make it the Super Bowl based on the top teams. However, I think the AFC will have the team that will win in the end,” junior Tadas Glebo said.

There is one team that is consistent in the topic of winning: the Patriots. “The Patriots seem really strong right now and can take it all. Their defense is amazing,” freshman Gabe Scaralata said. Even a Sports Illustrated writer said the Patriots would be on the top, earlier this year. “The Patriots are once again the betting favorites to win the Super Bowl in February 2020,” writer Michael Shapiro said.

However the hype around the Patriots isn’t enough to sway the fans of other teams. “I don’t care if they’re the favorites. I’ll still be cheering for my favorite team: the Packers,” sophomore Ryan Lee said.

Overall, the playoffs will be packed with multiple great teams. Whoever comes out on top of both conferences will offer an exciting match in the finals. So grab your wings and pizza, to enjoy the Super Bowl in February.

Photo Credit: Joshua Maristela

Photo Caption: The Super Bowl is just around the corner! Cheer for your favorite team to make it there.

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