The Discipline Dilemma

There’s something much darker than where all that pizza comes from at West Tech these days. Our school has shown us that discipline is a pretty shapeless word and that we have a sorry excuse for judgment for what makes up the most important population of West: the students.

Countless times we might have complained to our friends that we have been “screwed over” for not wearing our I.D.’s or not getting to cut in the lunch line...but in recent events, I have found that there has been a true issue with the state of our administration, seeming already uncertain of itself.

Specifically about a situation where the absolute wrong side was punished at the mass casualty of West Tech wanting to protect itself from something that would make it look bad. This decision has caused the wrong kid to walk free, and the charge of a supposed “hate crime” ordered to appear on dozens of students’ permanent records.

The administration has no hesitation to throw students under the bus if it means their reputation is on the line. How can anyone expect to trust our authority when that’s the hardest truth against them?

“Clearly the worst!” Senior Gregory Allman says, “There have been too many instances where I just found myself seeing other kids being blamed for issues that are far more a reflection of the school rather than us.”

Some students proposed ideas: Freshman Joseph Daniel says, “I am outraged by what I have heard about the handling of things at our school...they should have a second opinion from a younger person to judge situations as well.”

They’re in so much denial and have no way to relate to us. Sometimes the ones who are giving us punishments don’t even try to hear us out.

Some go by our insanely outdated student handbook, while others spew harshities depending on their mood. The biggest issue with discipline is that what happens is decided by two factors. What’s their opinion of you?

Are you one to kiss up when you’re in it, or do you stand up and ask questions? The administration loves those who kiss up and can get ushered around without the struggle for something that seems wrong.

The other element lies in how it will directly affect any reputation that West Tech holds like Gollum and “his precious”. The system really needs to change the initiative. Perhaps getting new blood flowing into the dying corpse of the CCSD would be a good place to begin.

For now, it remains a sinking ship, and if we don’t send some floaties soon, we may be doomed to go down in the 49th rank forever.

Photo Credit: CCSD Newsroom

Photo Caption: Students feel as if they're on death row regardless of being innocent.

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