Christmas Cheer: What are families doing to celebrate the holidays?

There comes a time of year when families across the globe celebrate Christmas. It is often celebrated by religious supporters, and even branches out to those who don’t practice Christianity. From family gatherings to neighborhood parties, Christmas is an annual tradition full of giving.

Basic traditions are those such as hanging stockings above a fireplace, decorating a tree, and making gingerbread houses. The warmth of indoor activities isn’t fit for all, however. Drives to other neighborhoods to see the sights of lit-up houses are common, too.

Freshman Holly Uhl said, “I spend my time eating dinner and opening presents with my parents.”

However, some families have odd traditions that many may scratch their heads at. In Germany, treats aren’t hidden in stockings; they’re hidden in shoes. The newer the shoes, the better the treats. Don’t wear those new Vans until after Christmas.

Instead of making a warm, home-made dinner, some go out to fast food places for Christmas Dinner. In Asia, a Christmas turkey isn’t available. The next best thing? KFC. A little less healthy way to celebrate the holidays.

Freshman Kamryn Cobarrubia said, “My family goes to church at midnight of Christmas Eve when Christmas begins. It’s a time to celebrate family and the birth of Christ.”

The joy and surprise of opening gifts can excite anyone. Being able to spend time with family and enjoy what comes with the cold winter is a blessing to many.

Photo Credit: Fred Kitchell

Photo Caption: Many families put personalized ornaments on their trees.

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