Diversity with Festivity

Many students have entered the WCTA hallways hiding what makes them unique. There are 1,370 students here, but more than half hide so they wouldn’t be judged for being extraordinary. There are many students and staff here from all over the place, and they should not fear to express their individuality.

It’s not hard to recognize those that have pride in what makes them different. Some walk in the hallways as they express their specialness with friends like during the Black Student Union spirit week. The students and staff weren’t afraid to represent their country’s flag and culture with their clothes.

Some love to spread the message about the fascinating cultures all over the world and help students see their individuality.

History teacher Mr. Dunning said, “The different ways people do things make cultures fascinating, so I like trying to help students see those different cultures that way; It feels like I’m giving a part of me.”

There are many wonders when it comes to various cultures and ways to do things, and it never goes undiscussed when talking to Dunning.

Special holidays are celebrated by individuals as they enjoy good food, family time, and good memories with them during those times. Those moments are the time their way of life is encouraged and represented. They are willing to show their pride then, but not at West.There isn’t much individuality here because they can be judged easily by those around them.

Sophomore Elsa Tesfaye said, “My culture expresses who I am and who I have become. I am afraid to express it publicly because there are judgemental people in this world.”

There are many cultures here and there’s a spark in each one. They’re all equally important and make each person different so don’t be afraid to shine with culture at times. Everyone was told not to hide their scars, so why hide the culture that makes them different?

Photo Credits (from left to right): Daily Text Online, ContinentalCurrency, South Florida Caribbean News, Rock star Dance Fitness, Marco Polo World Foundation, European Commission, Association for Free Research and International Cooperation, Ethiogrio

Photo Caption: Some individuals from different cultures all around the world expressing their festivities with friends and family.

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