Social Media Hotspots in Las Vegas

As the age of technology advances, companies are working hard to keep up with the trends. Social media platforms are large influencers to tourist attractions. Specifically, the ones in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Some of these social media orientated places include Happy Place, the 3D Trick Museum, and the Seven Magic Mountains, all located in Vegas. Though technology advancements are a big part of the reasoning behind these sites, there are multiple other motives for creating social media hotspots.

Sophomore Ashley Kim said, “I feel like the fact that everyone is posting them and sharing them online is what makes them so popular. Also, the fact that most of these places cater to popular culture and trends.”

However, because the internet controlled life is a new idea, older generations such as baby boomers and xennials are not as fond of the current craze. The places that attract them are more than likely to be different than the spots younger generations are interested in.

Nevertheless, these venues are continuing to flourish not only due to their popularity, but also because of their monetary benefits.

Sophomore Tisha Potijaroen said, “I think these places benefit Las Vegas as a whole because they attract more tourists.”

In sum, social media hotspots are becoming well known establishments, to which many people frequent. Their popularity and economic value will ensure their existence in the city.

Photo Credit: Sofia Reynoso

Photo Caption: Underwater pool illusion at the 3D Trick Museum.

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