The Grammy's: Irrelevant and Shallow

The new year is nearly upon us, and that means one of many things: the music and entertainment award season is inevitably (and unfortunately, in some cases) approaching. Tis the season for the small group of people perceived as the top tier of society to make an even larger scene of how superior their lives are to us “normal” folk.

With all bitterness aside, this time of year lends to shining a spotlight on the music, film, and other modes of entertainment that seemed to define our year.

Take a moment to specifically analyze what seems to be the most prominent award ceremony within our age group: the Grammy’s. This marks the 62nd annual Grammy Music Awards, and for the past 62 years, a Grammy has been seen as the ultimate, and most coveted prize in the music industry, but is that really the case? The simple answer: absolutely not.

What is supposed to be a celebration dedicated to the appreciation of art has transformed into a mere popularity contest. Let’s be honest with ourselves, if you are not an artist selling out every single venue on a tour, it is impossible for you to even be considered in the running for a Grammy.

Sophomore student Lacey Larson says “I do believe that the Grammys are a popularity contest. For a while, the artists that have won have only been regulars on the radio, not underground, under-appreciated artists.”

The Grammy’s have limited what is music to the same exclusive circle of artists being “appreciated” for the past decade. This does not go without exceptions, however, with artists such as The 1975 and Arctic Monkeys stepping into underdog positions. Despite this, there tends to be five or six musicians dominating over many realms of the Grammy’s award categories.

On the topic of award categories, the Grammy’s are notorious for mis-identifying albums, songs, or artists into a respective category. Needless to say, music has far too much depth to be neatly sorted into x amount of cookie-cutter genres.

Junior student Eythan Mayorga says “It's impossible to fit the vast world of music into five major categories, which I think the Grammys could improve.”

It’s impossible to delve into the entire chasm of flaws associated with the Grammy Awards, but it is also impossible to entirely assume this prominent event lacks any positive aspects, but with that being said, its downfalls should not be overlooked for the sake of artistry.

Photo Caption: Pianist Magazine

Photo Credit: The 62nd annual celebration for the Grammy's will take place January 26, 2020.


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