Music Mystery

“I think that music is a way for people to express their ideas and give voice for their thoughts..." said freshman student Casey Olmstead. Music. It brings joy, happiness, sadness, and even anger. This raises the question as to how? And why is it so popular?

Some people feel that music is a way to express themselves by the music's style, based on the beat and melodies. “Depending on the type of song I listen to, I can feel sad, excited, or even sleepy at times. The music I listen to makes me feel those types of emotions because of three things: tempo, lyrics, and beat,” says Olmstead.

An anonymous parent of a student at West said, ‘Music makes me feel something, but it depends on the type of music that it is. For example, if I grew up with it, then it's going to stir some emotions in me. But if I hear some random pop song on the radio, then I’m not going to feel anything. The harmonies, melodies, and words also have some effect on how I feel about the music.’

Music has harmonized our lives, and has even brought people together. But the pressing question still remains in our minds; why have we loved music for centuries?

Photo/Illustration Credit: Danika Adzima

Photo/Illustration Caption: Music causes emotion to pour out, as represented in this abstract art.


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