Is All Art Actually Art?

Art is one of those trends that will never end. It’s all around us, displayed on billboards, in museums, and hung on the walls of homes. Life is a hurricane of Pablo Picasso and Michelangelo, with the human race stuck in the center. However, is there such a thing as “good” art, and if so what’s the difference between a technical masterpiece and colors thrown on a piece of paper.

Some would argue that all art can be spectacular if it's viewed from the right perspective. Freshman Averi O said, “Art can literally look terrible but we label it as art. Sometimes it’s not the actual thing itself but what it stands for.” Due to the fact that art is a form of self expression, and each person is different, it’s not hard to debate this side of the argument.

On the contrary, there are many individuals who believe there is a separation between art that is done well and art that is not. For example, a piece created by Maurizio Cattelan simply depicted a banana duct taped to a wall and was sold for one hundred twenty thousand dollars. Art teacher Ms. Heishman said, “That was more of dadaism, which is basically a middle finger to the art world. I do not consider that art at all.”

In addition to one’s own opinions, there is also a science behind judging art. Factors such as color theory, symmetry, ratio, and proportion all affect the way we see an artist's work. Even with knowing these proven facts, people still continue to discuss art and whether it can be labeled as good or bad. The public’s mindset is always morphing, with art as a continuous focus.

Photo Credit: Sofia Reynoso

Photo Caption: Sometimes, you have to think outside of the bubble.


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