A Covid Free Sin City?

By: Elenie Gabrie, reporter

After almost a year of wearing masks, buying toilet paper, and using 10 liters of hand sanitizer a month, we officially have a Covid-19 vaccine. People have been taking the vaccines at local hospitals but the amount of people is limited. As reported by The New York Times, over 700,000 people in Nevada have been given doses of the vaccine and about 200,000 people are fully vaccinated, which is only 7.9% of the population. The average number of doses given per day is about 8000, which is not even fully 1 percent of the vaccine. If 8,000 people per day were vaccinated, it would take almost 400 days to get everyone vaccinated in Nevada since the population is estimated to be 3 million people.

Since the introduction of the new vaccine in Nevada, schools in Clark County have decided to open up and teach classes in person. Stores and public places have decreased their level of Covid-19 restriction since the number of Covid-19 cases has been decreasing. Nevada on March 1, 2021 had 245 new cases while the number of new cases on February 1, 2021, was 781 cases. Within a month, the number of cases has decreased by 31 percent. Which is correlated to the vaccine distribution within that month since over 276,000 people have been given the vaccine doses. However, only 7 percent of Nevada's population has been vaccinated.

This is still not numerically enough for less strict restrictions and openings of schools. Schools opening might even cause an increase in the number of cases since children haven’t been given the vaccine yet. Junior Student Hailey Williams said, “I feel like students and teachers should have the right to choose if they wanna go back after vaccine distribution if a large enough population of the school has the vaccine that the virus won’t spread to other students.” All elementary, middle, and high school students have been told that in-class lessons will start within the month of March and April. Students will be given a chance to choose if they would like to attend or stay home for school but teachers are not given that choice.

Zoology Teacher Stephen Rash said, “I do feel the vaccine will be successful, but there will always be new strains. I am up in the air on vaccines. I feel that everyone should be vaccinated for measles, mumps, smallpox, rubella,... . Is COVID-19 like one of those where vaccines have almost fully eradicated it? We do not know yet.” Not many people know much about the COVID-19 vaccine which explains the 7 percent of the population being vaccinated. However, personal opinion/choice can affect those numbers.

There might still be a possibility of a covid free Sin City, but with these numbers and lesser restrictions, the chances are not likely.



Covid 19 vaccination distribution, in las vegas, is becoming more local as people take 1st round and 2nd vaccines in places like hospitals and clinical cites where they also receive COVID-19 Vaccination Record Cards

Photo Credit: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/vaccines/index.html

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