A Permanent Resident Of The Sky: Tom Hawley Tribute

Truth Toti, Reporter

If you’ve ever woken up in this city...or in your life, you’ve probably heard of Wake Up With The Wagners. A show that's likely before you and is blaring in the dark or when your eyes are still adjusting to the light stabbing through the early morning living room or bedroom. Another prominent guest apart from the cheery Wagners is a man named Tom Hawley.

Chances are you’ve seen him flying around in his helicopter from the TV or perhaps even above your head.

Nonetheless, Tom Hawley was a Vegas angel, the way he loomed above the city reporting on crashes and traffic, even sometimes just talking while flying about little things.

“Yeah, I did see him a lot.” Isabella P. says, “but I never really paid attention to him, always kind of had him on in the background.”

A week ago, Tom Hawley took to the skies for the last and most prolonged time. He passed after a battle with Pancreatic Cancer, taking quiet leave from News 3 and not drawing too much attention to it.

“He always reminds me of my mom; she’d always be watching him before she went to work to see what her drives would be like,” Treyson C. says. “Sometimes when he would talk about old Las Vegas my parents would just kind of stand around and watch, he seemed like a nice guy.”

The lasting impression that Tom Hawley made on the News just always felt right, when he took his quiet and abrupt leave, something felt off. It was something that someone could never really pay attention to, but once that feeling of comfort is gone, something becomes missing.

The irreplaceable hole Tom Hawley left behind will require huge shoes to fill.

“I didn’t really hear that he passed until last week, and for whatever reason, I was sad about it even though I didn’t really spend a lot of time watching him.”

An outpouring of tributes soon followed the news of Hawley’s quiet passing.

The city of Las Vegas has announced to name a street after him. But more than a name, a street, and a helicopter, Tom Hawley humanized piloting the sky and brought a voice to it, and a hole that will never be patched has been made in News 3 with the now quiet helicopter looming without his voice.

Now a permanent flyer of the skies, Tom Hawley passes away at age 60.

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