All American is Back for Another Season

By: Mary Ann Nikolov, Reporter

The time has come! All American is back for season three on The CW. It’s been 10 months since the finale of season two and it’s finally here. Episodes of the new season are set to air weekly on Mondays over the next few months. However, viewers who want to binge the whole new season will have to wait until the spring for Netflix to release it.

Since this season aired three months later than the last two seasons, the Netflix release date will be pushed back until further notice. Fans are getting impatient for the release date because of the intense cliffhanger left at the end of season two. They’re missing the popular true story football drama on Netflix. All American gained its popularity once the show aired on Netflix and it eventually became the number one most popular series on the platform.

Many students at West CTA enjoy watching All American because it’s a show about teenagers who experience situations that most high school students may relate to and there’s lots of drama for everyone to enjoy watching.

Junior, Michelle Maizel said, “I love binge-watching shows at once, so I believe that I’ll wait for All American to air on Netflix in the spring.”

Like many others, Maizel is waiting to watch it all at once, so that she doesn’t miss out on any parts of the show.

Senior, Nika Angeline said, “Season two left everybody on such a serious cliffhanger and I’m excited to see what is yet to come in the new season.”

Get your remote and stay tuned for season three of All American airing weekly every Tuesday on The CW!

Grab your snacks, get comfy, and head onto The CW website to watch the new season of All American!

Photo credit: Mary Ann Nikolov

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