“All-Stars” in Vegas

By: Jed Paley, Reporter

It is a special time for sports fans throughout Las Vegas; not one, but two different All-Star games are happening in one weekend! An “All-Star” game is when the best players in their respective sports come and play in one location.

Different from the Olympics however, The All-Star game requires the athletes to play in one of top North America’s major sports leagues. It’s a commodity that an All-Star game is played in your town, but this is the first time two separate games are being played in the same location.

The first event of this crazy action-packed weekend is the NHL All-Star game. Amazing players like Connor McDavid, Alexander Ovechkin, Nathan Mackinnon, and Auston Matthews are the captains of these teams. The first part of this event is the skills competition. Each player gets to participate in some of these competitions whether it is fastest skater, hardest shot, most consecutive saves, and other fun events.

Sophomore Edmund Cain said, “Vegas has never seen the NHL All-Star game. This is an amazing time to increase the Las Vegas sports market.”

Then there is a mini-tournament of each team, separated by division, and they play the games with a three-on-three style of play. Whoever wins the whole competition will get a cash bonus and some recognition from their fans.

One day after the NHL All-Star Game, the NFL gets the opportunity to host an event of their own: the Pro-Bowl. The Pro-Bowl is similar to the NHL All-Star game because it is a game where each conference competes to be crowned the stronger conference. The Las Vegas Raiders have two players entering the Pro-Bowl, Maxx Crosby and A.J Cole.

Freshman Tal Senderovitz said, “Having the Pro-Bowl in Las Vegas is great because every fan gets the opportunity to visit Allegiant Stadium.”

The All-Star series is an amazing opportunity to build revenue in the Las Vegas sports market, possibly leading into a baseball and even a basketball team. People will all watch in awe as they see the best players in the world face off in a grueling competition.

All The NHL teams that currently participate in the All-Star Game. The teams are currently

listed in alphabetical order by city.

Photo Credit: Jed Paley

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