All You Need To Know About Area 15

Elenie Gabrie, reporter

Area 15, the new entertainment complex in Las Vegas, has not only grabbed the attention of residents but WCTA students as well. If you’ve never seen it, you might’ve heard of it. Area 15 is located one mile west of the Las Vegas Strip which is convenient to tourists and people living around that area as well.

A majority might believe the place is for adults and people over 21 but the number of cool activities, restaurants, and artistic visuals is perfect for High School Students.

In Area 15, a specific restaurant is reserved for adults over 21, but another restaurant named “The Beast” is a perfect dining experience for young teens like you! Area 15 also provides tons of events you can buy tickets for. If you’re interested in art, Area 15 is selling Van Gogh Art Exhibition tickets, showcasing the art of Van Gogh in 360 digital projections.

Not only is Area 15 known for displaying art, but it’s also known for fun activities like zip-lining in the complex! As well as indoor golf stimulations, the #1 supermarket in the world (Mega Mart), and multiple virtual experiences.

If you’re still not convinced, hear from fellow WCTA classmates.

Senior Elvin Kosuta said, “When I attended, I paid for the light show experience. It was very interesting. It was basically a display of bright, colorful flashing lights surrounding you in a large ball-like room.

The room is dark so the flashing lights dominate your vision. And the lights are accompanied by super loud techno music. It was a really immersive experience and made me feel like I was in a matrix movie! If I were to go again, I really want to see the Van Gogh exhibit.”

Junior Hovsep Nersisyan said, “I have not gone to Area 15 but I definitely want to visit soon and one of the things I really want to see there is Aliens and cool gadgets.”

Even WCTA students can testify that Area 15 is worth checking out. Not only is Area 15 exciting and fun, but it’s also very affordable. The entrance fee for all ages until 10 PM is free!

This doesn’t include the rides, foods, and events but it’s still affordable. Are you convinced yet? If you are, check the link down below for tickets and more information down below.

Current Website of Area 15 in Las Vegas including all the information regarding events, experiences, food, and tickets.

Photo Credit: Elenie Gabrie

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