American Deep-Freeze; the Polar Vortex

By: Kyllian Thorne, reporter

The latest in a series of crises worldwide is a polar vortex blowing through America; this storm of sudden winter air has led to severe complications in many states across the nation.

Texas and Oregon have been particularly affected by the polar vortex. Texans have no power in the midst of Arctic temperatures- a state that Texas is very unused to- and Oregon faces temperatures far below zero, which is suboptimal- despite Oregon being more acclimated to colder weather. The situation grows direr as it progresses, with several Americans fearing for their lives.

Kasey Cook, a Sophomore at Grayson County High School in Kentucky, mentioned the status of his own state, and said, “We weren’t supposed to go to school in-person for a week and a half with about a foot of snow the entire time. I was freezing… and didn’t go outside, except when taking out the… trash.”

It is notable that many of the states affected by the polar vortex are unused to this kind of weather. While getting cooler is seasonable for winter, states such as Nevada and Texas, which are more used to hotter temperatures, are now suffering in the cold.

West Tech Government teacher Aaron Dunning said, “Obviously, I feel bad for who… really struggled. I mean, it wasn’t Alaska cold, but they aren’t used to it.”

He also said that the vortex is being manipulated as a political play, likely trying to take attention off of the climate crisis. “The right is trying to blame green energy,” Dunning mentioned, “and the left is blaming Texas’ anti-regulation stance. There needs to be a soft spot in the middle.”

To many, this crisis is leaving America in an even worse situation than what it faces already. Especially after barely surviving the last year’s trials, the polar vortex’s emergence is simply salt in the wound.

As Texans find themselves in uncharacteristically cold temperatures, many are finding it difficult to cope with the Arctic chill.

Photo Credit: Jerry Larson

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