Another Man’s Pants is Another Man’s Treasure

Reporter: Hailey Williams

Another man’s trash is another man’s treasure. But in this case, the treasure is clothing from thrift stores. Thrift stores have grown in popularity over the past two years with the assistance of social media. A number of fashion influencers revealed that these shops are where they obtain their unique pieces of clothing.

WCTA Senior, Meron Shiferaw, states, “I go to thrift stores for costumes for a school play or something I can match my jeans with.”

Since these stores are on the cheaper side people will reuse the fabric to make their own designs and clothes. For some, it is an easier alternative to make their own garment that has already been built or manipulated.

Spring Valley High School Senior, Lisa Guerrero, states, “ I like to be able to find unique pieces of clothing that people have used before and cater it to my own style. I also love clothes that are underpriced. Style shouldn't have to equal money.”

Thrift stores were used by lower-income families or individuals for years before they became trendy. But once people understood what was offered behind those walls, it became favored and it hasn't died down since.

Many people are concerned that with the increase of business towards these stores the less that is offered for the people who rely on this cheap alternative. A problem that arose is resellers, who are people who purchase underpriced clothing and sell them at higher prices, on online sites like Depop.

Do you believe this convenient alternative should be open to everyone?

Senior, Hailey Williams, just finished thrift shopping at Opportunity Village on November 15, 2021. She came out of the store with a huge bag of items for only $60.

Photo Credit: Lisa Guerrero

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