Are Remakes of Old Cartoons Actually Good?

By: Ramisha Ahmed, reporter

Cartoons have always been in our lives ever since we were young. They’ve made us laugh, taught us new things, and opened up our creative minds. Many cartoons in the past have stopped airing on television. However, some of them have been remade into more modernistic versions in hopes of grasping the fast-paced minds of children these days. But are the new remakes of these cartoons actually good? I know that these remakes have good intentions, although I never found them as good as the ones that they were based off of. Yes, these cartoons have modern day elements, making them more entertaining for viewers, but will their attempts ever be able to beat the original?

“I was a huge fan of Monster High and it was one of my favorites when I was younger. I don’t really like the new one airing on TV right now since the animation and characters look so different,” said Freshman Janeen Jamil. Another student also had something to say about her preference between remakes and originals. “I used to watch things like “The Powerpuff Girls” and “Teen Titans” when I was younger and I’ve grown out of my cartoon phase a while ago. My little brothers usually watch Cartoon Network and I saw the remakes of the two cartoons I told you about. I didn’t really know what to make of it, but I don’t think remakes are that bad since they add new things and make it more entertaining to watch,” said Freshman Jenna Vinas from Durango High School. According to websites such as RottenTomatoes or IMDb, the “Powerpuff Girls” remake usually had a worse rating than the classic. The score for the classic was 89% while the score for the remake was a mere 69%. The audience numbers had also gone down for the remake, proving how many people really do prefer classics over remakes.

As I had said before, it’ll be tough for these remakes to beat the classics, because no matter how hard they try, people will continue to love the cartoon characters that they had admired and grown up with. Making a remake just ruins the entire cartoon for everyone, and I think creators of these types of things should come up with brand new ideas, so that the children nowadays can have their own characters to learn lessons from and grow up with. “I really wish they’d start airing the old cartoons I used to watch. I miss them,” said Jamil.

Although, older generations tend to dislike the new remakes under generations enjoy watching them. Photographed is Rayat Ahmed, (7), who watches one of his favorite cartoons, “Teen Titans Go.” a remake of the classic "Teen Titans."

Photo credit: Ramisha Ahmed

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