Are There Benefits of Being Bilingual?

By: Sabrina Novruzova, reporter

Did you know that being bilingual can provide more job opportunities, improve personal life, and potentially lead to better health? Most people don’t realize how helpful learning a second language can be. The benefits of being bilingual go much further than just being able to ask where a restroom is when traveling.

First of all, knowing more than one language means you can communicate with more people who speak the same languages. This opens more doors and connections to others you can speak with. This is a major social benefit and you can interact with more people when you speak several languages.

Also, knowing a second language will make traveling a lot easier. When you travel to a country, and you can speak their language, exploring a new place will be much more fun, without having a language barrier. This can be a helpful boost and people can communicate with others in the country directly. Traveling can become more enjoyable when you can speak the country’s language or know at least part of it.

Freshman Zarina Novruzova said that “learning a second language is simply fun, and I am able to communicate with my grandparents and relatives better because I know their language”.

Being bilingual can improve a person’s attention span, multitasking skills, and problem-solving. This is because learning a second language expands and increases your brainpower, which can help you be smarter and more attentive in school or work. It can also increase someone’s memory and creativity. These are a few little mental skills and advantages that bilingual people possess just by learning a second language.

Another reward of being bilingual is that the brain ages slower. Studies have proven that bilingual people’s brain ages slowly and as a result, they can live longer. It can also help delay neurological diseases such as Alzheiemers’s and dementia at an older age.

There are numerous benefits to gain when speaking a second language. From opening up career opportunities to an improved social life, bilingualism serves its rewards. With this being said, why not start right now? The earlier you learn a second language, the easier it will be to remember the language later on. Find a class, or get started with a foreign language website today.

Speaking a second language has several significant benefits that can improve your mental health.

Photo Credit: Igor Levin

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