Back to School: Student Struggles

By Amber Ani-Heron, reporter

Welcome back to school! With the new school year, struggles have been uncovered. The transition from in person to online has been very hectic and most students missed out on the tail end of a school year. Then, the online year. Two words: technical difficulties. Online school was a challenge. With wifi, canvas, and all sorts of problems happening, it made teaching and learning difficult.

Many students stated that they barely learned anything during virtual learning. Freshman Olivia Cameron said, “I had a better attention span to learn than when I was online and could get distracted.”

“At home, the environment is not meant to be a learning one. It's meant to be relaxing and a place to just mess around,” said Junior Evan Rex, “being in person has made it easier to focus.”

Online school had become doing work just to get it turned in on time. The actual learning aspect was absent and now students are struggling with concepts that should be review. As students are back in person, not only do they struggle with concepts and units, they must deal with mandates.

Cameron said, “The mandates affected my learning because in class, due to social distancing guidelines, we can’t do some of the activities that would help improve the quality of our learning.” Many aspects of classes have been modified or completely removed to stay safe. Teachers have to contact trace incase of a student falling ill to COVID-19. Students must wear masks at all times and the school insists on as little physical touching as possible.

Rex expressed how she feels it's harder to really connect with people. As a Junior, who was barely on campus for a whole year during freshman year, making friends is truly happening this year. With masks as a barrier, one could make friends but it would be easier when you have physical cues to communicate.

How are you feeling about this coming school year? What are some struggles that you will face, or are already facing?

The Wrangler statue, ready and waiting to welcome back students.

Photo Credit: Amber Ani-Heron

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