Battle of The Wranglers 2022

Madeline Cabana, reporter

Battle of the Wranglers: An annual spirit event that celebrates the spirit of the student body and the history of WCTA.

Also known as BOTW, it is a Wrangler tradition held around February/March that kicks off semester two's festivities. The following festivities that this spirit week leads to are Sadies, Prom, and the end of the year Senior events.

First year member Raygen Stauffer said “BOTW is a really big deal for StuCo as a whole because the preparation is stressful and time consuming. Though I’ve only been in it for one year, I’ve had a friend that has been in StuCo since Freshman year and BOTW is by far the most tedious week to plan out.”

“There are many other events that require a load of time and effort, but BOTW is different in trying to involve everyone and not just a targeted group like we would for the scenario of Prom. Also considering the fact this is our first in-person assembly in two years, we really had to make sure this was one memorable assembly that could bring back some fun times” said three year member Hannah Dean.

Dean mentioned, "We usually choose a broad theme for BOTW, so that we can utilize every part of that theme as much as we can and have enough characters/concepts for every program. This year we had Marvel, which is by far one of the best themes because there are a lot of characters. We had enough to assign decorations and details to each program.”

After a successful BOTW spirit week, the student body's school spirit is now pumped up and ready to finish off the school year strong. Now creating an environment that WCTA is familiar with, a community with eagerness is now a part of it.

This year's Battle of the Wrangler's theme was Marvel.

Photo Credit: Madeline Cabana

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