Beep Beep! Move Faster!

By: Kevin Nemeth, reporter

Getting to school is evidently important; but if you can’t arrive, you can’t learn. But many students are late simply because of WCTA’s traffic issues; are there solutions to this problem?

The traffic seems to be getting worse all the time, and the bus driver shortage has already caused bigger arrival delays. Many parents are driving their kids to school now, causing more traffic on the roads. The turn lights seem short and are a huge cause of backed-up traffic.

Many students have always complained about arriving late because many don’t pay attention or drive too slow.

Senior Mai Mason said, “I think the traffic issue at school is pretty bad, but I think it could be solved by carpooling or addressing the bus driver shortage.” Sharing vehicles and cutting down on the amount of cars would be the most practical and economical solution to the traffic problem.”

“The traffic coming into school is horrible,” said Senior Kyle Williamson, “There are a ton of cars everywhere, angry parents, and newly driving students. I would solve this problem by categorizing a specific dropoff zone and extending the traffic lights.”

WCTA’s traffic issue is visible and there are some solutions placed in front of us. The school should contact the appropriate departments and fix this issue; and as a student, try to carpool or help friends that live along the way.

Traffic immediately picks up right after school.

Photo Credit: Kevin Nemeth

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