Best summer camps for this hot summer!

Sebastian Martinez, Reporter

Summer is right around the corner and a lot of students don't know what to do and wanna go to a summer camp. Here are the top 3 best summer camps in Las Vegas.

Coming at number one we have Lifetime Kids summer camp. This is an awesome summer camp especially for teens. We will be helping out the counselors and getting paid a little bit to go to lifetime and have fun with kids. If you don't know, lifetime is an amazing gym that is super expensive to get into. It has a pool and goes on field trips every thursday.

Tristan Jeannest says, “Lifetime is literally the best summer camp to go to, they have a daily routine of sports eating and pool. This is the best way to make friends and stay cool in the summer time every week day.”

I agree with Tristan. I went to a lifetime summer camp as a kid and I absolutely loved it. I got to make new friends, go to the pool and play sports almost everyday and then on Thursday go on a fun field trip. That's why lifetime is at the number one spot of the best summer camps.

Coming in at number two is the UNLV computer camp. This summer camp is an amazing summer camp to not only have fun but to learn more and maybe have a better future if you're interested in this career.

The computer camp is where you go almost every week for the whole day and the whole summer. You get to go to the UNLV campus and learn how to build computers and other really useful computer and technology things.

Joshua Mcmullen says, “I went to this class and honestly it was super helpful to me in school and to know what I want to do with my life and what career to go to. They showed us computer skills and educational technology skills that in our generation and where things are going we are gonna need for the rest of our lives."

I have never been to this summer camp before but have heard it is a very fun summer camp where you can build gaming computers and play during the summer camp.

Last but not least, there's a football camp at Palo verde. I personally have done this before and have loved it. You get to meet kids your age and you get to play a sport, lose weight and participate in activities with friends.

Anyone is welcome to this camp. You usually do drills for catching and throwing and whatever position you wanna play and they you guys scrimmage at the end of the day. This camp is from 7-10 in the morning which makes you wake up early and be productive.

Maxwell Novack says, “This summer camp is amazing if you wanna become a better athlete and be productive over the summer."

Now those are the best summer camps that are opening this summer camp from 1-3 I hope this helped someone to do this and attend a camp.

Summer can be fun if you find fun things to do, and there is nothing more fun than a good summer camp with friends!

Photo Credits: Sebastian Martinez

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