Big Time Rush: Livin’ it Big Time on Netflix!

By: Megan Roma, reporter

Big Time Rush said, “It’s the only life you got, so you gotta live it big time!” Netflix has recently released one of Nickelodeon’s world-renowned series, Big Time Rush; and fans new and old are fangirling about it!

Big Time Rush was a comedic series following four best friends from Minnesota to Hollywood, and the adventures that came with it! Kendall, Logan, James, and Carlos not only played characters on the show, but were a real band that went on tour outside of it!

As crazy as it sounds, the songs they feature on the show were performed worldwide. Their albums, BTR, Elevate, and 24/Seven, feature songs that all ages can enjoy.

After hearing the news of this revival, current high school students and older were overfilled with excitement. Netflix has been bringing back other hit Nick shows, such as ICarly, Victorious, and Sam & Cat, which were all popular with those growing up at the time. Watching these shows have become a popular activity during the pandemic; and Big Time Rush has joined their ranks.

Junior Sabrina Simon said, “When I found out Big Time Rush was added to Netflix, I instantly screamed with so much excitement! All of my childhood memories came back quickly because I was such a huge fan of the TV show. At times when I felt bored or sad during my childhood, the show used to always cheer me up.”

What is also loved about this show was the fact their original music was included, like viewers were actually following the lives of a boy band. Simon said, “I always find myself singing ‘Boyfriend’, ‘Halfway There’, or even ‘City is Ours’ when I drive places; best believe it’s on blast!”

The return of this show also reignited viewers’ love for the band’s personalities, goofiness, and how family-oriented they were. Sophomore Joshua Castillion said, “This show is so family-oriented, so best believe all-ages can laugh seconds into an episode! The characters and storylines are incredible, and I can’t forget to mention how well they incorporated their music.”

Big Time Rush is now available on Netflix to watch and jam! Said by one of the songs itself, “it’s the only life you got, so you gotta live it big time!” Now go live it big time and binge-watch the show!

Everyone’s favorite childhood Nick series, Big Time Rush, is now available on Netflix!

Photo Credit: Megan Roma

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