Broadway Tours Coming to Las Vegas

Cheska Suarez, Reporter

Broadway recently only reopened during the summer of 2021, under the constantly altered COVID Guidelines, and theaters are not at 100% guest capacity. Broadway productions are making their comeback by going on national and worldwide tours to spread their art and story. The productions of Hamilton, Hadestown, Prom, Annie, Frozen, Mean Girls, and Six are scheduled to perform at the Smiths Center from 2022 to 2023.

The 10 year old Smiths Center consists of three theaters: Reynold’s Hall, Myron’s, and Troesh Studio Theater. The Reynold’s Hall is the biggest theater at the center with a capacity of 2,050 seats, this is the venue where most high-budgeted productions perform. Myron’s is a 244 seat venue with 4 seats per table, this venue offers intimate performance space for Jazz and Cabaret productions. Troesh Studio Theater is a 250 seat black box-style venue where most smaller productions perform.

Since Las Vegas thrives on tourism, the Smiths Center adds to the tourism appeal for guests visiting from other states to watch Broadway Musicals. The Smiths Center does not only cater to tourists, but to locals as well. Senior Natalie Le said, “My family and I are planning on watching Hadestown in August.”

“It’s exciting that the production of Hamilton is coming to Vegas for 3 weeks, hopefully, I can go,” said Senior Yubin Kim. Ever since the pandemic occurred and inflation is on the rise, Broadway tickets have become expensive to accommodate salaries for the cast, crew, and venue. Those fortunate enough to afford Broadway Musical tickets should try watching musicals to see how their talent, art, and stories are so precious and worth watching.

The Reynold’s Hall theater holds 2,050 seats, and is the largest venue of the Smiths Center.

Credit: The Smiths Center

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