Can Esports be Considered as Sports?

By: Adrian Delibassis, Reporter

As the years go by, video games and their technology is growing every day. With virtual reality booming, and games like Fortnite and Valorant are getting noticed by many people, celebrities, and companies, gaming is at a huge place in the public eye. Especially when it comes to competitive gaming, which is also known as esports.

Esports is something that takes a lot of work if you want to be the best, and because of that, people like to associate that with actual sports. So what are esports really, and can it be a sport?

To get this out of the way, the competitive side of esports requires a lot if you want to be really good. Mental stability, aiming, game sense, and teamwork are all qualities professional players have to master. It doesn’t just take weeks of hard work, but it really takes months to really stand out above the average player.

Obviously, sports like soccer and football require lots of training. But what makes them different from esports is that one is a video game with no physical requirements, which is where most of the argument sits. However, both require the same amount of work.

Quinton Goyeau, a senior who is trying to make the esports scene, talked about his practice routine for Valorant. “To get ready for comp games every day, I practice my aim for about an hour and then I usually play two matches regularly to warm myself up which altogether adds up to almost 3 hours of practice before playing seriously.”

As it seems, video games and sports aren’t that different when it comes down to improving skills, but what else could divide the two?

Brian Wu, a senior who casually watches esports and sports said, “The two are divided because of what people’s definitions of sports are. For some, sports are physical activities, but for others, it can be anything that is competitive and has a big community by the public.”

Overall, both esports and physical sports require the same amount of hard work and mindset to achieve success. However, putting them into the same category is a very controversial place, and it mainly depends on what the definition of a sport is to a person.

Esports are widely competitive, and the audience for competitive events is growing every day.

Photo Credit: Adrian Delibassis

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