Cancel Culture

By Savannah Conti, reporter

Social media is an extremely powerful tool that can clearly be used for both good and bad. It has the power to completely change someone's belief system as well as either change someone's life for the better or ruin it in an instant. As for this, many users have developed a system of destruction more commonly known as cancel culture. The people partaking in this take a small or large mistake that a social media influencer has made, and inflates or elevates it to an unproportional level. Social media can cause fame or in this case, infamy.

One recent case of cancel culture, almost ended the career of the victim. Her name is Gina Carano. Previously known as the actress of the “Mandalorian”, now known as the insensitive uneducated past star. She has recently made an extremely controversial tweet comparing jewish people and the holocaust, to republicans in the current era. Regardless of if one agrees or disagrees, I think it is clear that this was not one of the most thought out tweets. It actually ended in her being fired from previously having a contract with Disney. She also was dropped by her Hollywood producer and the Hasbro brand discontinued her “star wars” action figure. All because of this single tweet and the wildfire that it spread due to cancel culture.Victoria Cook, sophomore feels that she needs to be “much more careful as to how what she says on the internet can be interpreted”. Although it may affect bigger personalities more than students, it can still make a huge impact on anybody's life. Taylor Conti, UNLV sophomore, states that “Social media has many uses but I think sharing your opinion where it is not called for will never end well”.

Overall, cancel culture is responsible for many hardships however, maybe it is the system that our society has been needing to hold people accountable for their actions and words. In all of this you are able to form your opinion on this culture, but maybe those opinions should be kept quiet until it has diminished.

Cancel culture the current system for holding people accountable for questionable or wrong things that they have said or done.

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