Capitol Offense: Last Protest Against Biden

By: Kyllian Thorne, reporter

On January 6th, America got to see a new face of its democracy; instead of a civil proceeding leading to an equally peaceful transfer of power, what they saw was an angry mob that stormed the capitol, demanding that Donald Trump stayed in office. The riot was quelled with five deaths caused as a result of it: four rioters and a member of the capitol police force.

As shocking as it seems for the country to quickly see its beloved system of order and fairness crumble and fall in such a spectacular display, some would say that the event was inevitable, with several officials of our own government suggesting that circumstances had aligned to make such an event justified.

“The capitol riots were a strong example of the systemic and societal issues that people do not like to talk about,” said an anonymous source. “Watching the riots on our own government… was terrifying and depressing. The entitlement and lack of respect was shocking. The capitol riots reminded us that although we believed that these issues had been addressed… we have not really begun the work to rectify these issues.”

“I feel that anyone with a voice to be heard,” said orchestra director and film studies teacher Dr. Gregory Maldonado, “gets their point across… if they adhere to the tenets of a peaceful protest- the type of protest that the late Dr. King espoused. While I feel it’s important for all voices to be heard… I feel that inflammatory rhetoric and a strong belief in conspiracy theories, coupled with tempered anger can be a dangerous combination- as demonstrated at… our nation’s capitol.”

The actions taken at the capitol could be said by many to be irresponsible and rash. It was a tragedy that likely could have been easily prevented; yet they did happen, and now, all of America must live with the decisions made by a small group of people disillusioned with the way this country was operated. But regardless of whether history will say that the rioters were right or not, the events of January 6th will be burned into the nation’s side like a cattle brand.

On January 6th Trump supports rioted and broke into the Capitol in an attempt to stop the power transfer.

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