Celebs vs Vaccines

Elenie Gabrie, reporter

Think of a celebrity that has impacted your life. It could've been the most simple impact, like slang or clothing trends. Think about how our lives are impacted daily due to these influencers compared to us. Both have drastically changed your life in ways that we never thought of.

The discussion between Pro-Vaccine and Anti-Vaccine individuals has become a controversial topic that has separated society in half. Who would’ve thought celebrities could be Anti-Vaccine?

In recent news, celebrities such as Actor Rob Schneider, Actor Leticia Wright, Hip-Hop artist Nicki Minaj, NBA Star Kyrie Irving, and many more have spoken against vaccination. Kyrie Irving won’t be allowed to play or provided his salary due to his stance.

Everyone does have the right to their own personal opinions about being vaccinated; So should celebs and influencers be given an excuse?

Senior Elvin Kosuta said, “I think that celebrities should get vaccinated regardless because they are no different from the rest of us, especially since they are involved in so many public events surrounded by lots of people. Besides, the more people that get the vaccine, the easier we will be able to achieve herd immunity.”

However, the other argument states that just because they are celebrities doesn’t mean they aren’t human beings.

Senior Abigail Daniel said, “As much as I heavily believe in the advocation of the vaccine through larger outlets, celebrities are human beings with their own opinions, ideals, and beliefs...They are not responsible for the people that follow them as fans, despite their impact. It is up to them to decide what is best for themselves as an individual."

"It should be noted that the spread of proper advocation and education by celebrities, who are known to have committed followers, would greatly assist in encouraging people to properly protect themselves and others from COVID-19," says Daniel, "whether it be through receiving the vaccine or simple methods such as wearing a mask or socially distancing.

When we think of the opinions and lifestyles of celebrities and the way they impact us as a society, taking the COVID vaccine is something that affects us as well. Artists or NBA players are surrounded by hundreds of people but the way we perceive our health and the way we manage our bodies is in our hands.

The controversy between this topic is not just controversial but too important to ignore. What do you think? Should celebs get vaccinated?

Illustration of taking the COVID-19 Vaccine by a medical professional.

Photo Credit: https://pvwomenscare.org/covid-19-vaccine-update/covid-19-vaccine/

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