Cheese Rolling?

By Jeslyn Cho, reporter

Canceled. Living in the age of a pandemic, the word “canceled” is being used a lot more often than not. Football practice is canceled. Tennis tournaments are canceled. Soccer games are canceled. It is undeniable that Covid 19 has had a catastrophic impact on sports. How are students supposed to get the physical activity they need when everything is closed down?

Freshman and sports enthusiast Niki Yang said, “I’m very devastated that I can’t start varsity tennis this year. I was really looking forward to it.” Freshman Sabdy Cordon said, “Quarantining has been really boring. There is absolutely nothing to do.” Teenagers are having a hard time staying motivated and active when they’re trapped inside their house. It's definitely hard to exercise when your favorite sports are closed down. But maybe students need to expand their horizons and try out physical activities that they haven’t done before. For instance, cheese rolling.

Cheese rolling is a sport where a round of cheese is rolled from the top of a hill. Competitors run after the rolling cheese until they reach the bottom of the hill. The first person to cross the finish line is crowned winner, with the cheese as their prize. Although this sport may be unfamiliar to some WCTA students, it's a beloved activity that people from all around the world come together to play. Senior Claire Ting said, “I wanna push a big wheel of aged brie down a hill.”It's crucial that kids are getting the exercise they need during the pandemic. Maybe cheese rolling is the answer to that. The next time you’re bored, ask your family to go to the park. And while you’re at it, bring a round of cheese.


People from around the world join together to chase cheese


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