Club Spotlight: Dungeons and Dragons

Cheska Suarez, reporter

Dungeons and Dragons Club (D&D) was founded six years ago but slowly dwindled down during the pandemic until Senior Elijah Kennard, President of D&D, revived it.

Kennard said, “Not only did I love the opportunity to bring it back, but it felt like a brand new chance to create a fun atmosphere that others can enjoy too!”

D&D is open to every student to join, no matter their past experience with this magical game. All members of the club will gladly welcome new members and will teach them how to join a session of Dungeons and Dragons. Kennard mentioned, “One major goal of the club is to create a healthy atmosphere of learning and experience growing, so the more the merrier!”

There are two positions in Dungeons and Dragons, a dungeon master and players. There can be a minimum of 2 players. There must be a dungeon master to start a session, and there can be up to 6 players in a group.

Each player can create their own character to play in the world that the Dungeon Master creates. Senior Charles Kaplan, Vice President of D&D said, “All you really need to play D&D is a set of dice and some creative thinking.”

Dungeons & Dragons are known to be about teamwork and pushing each other out of conventional comfort zones so that everyone can feel supported in the fantasy world of their own creation.

All students are welcome and encouraged to join the club whether to play or to spectate a session. This year, the D&D Club meets in Mr. Mitchell’s room at E126 every Monday from 1:30-3 pm.

Dungeons & Dragons Club meets every Monday at room E126 from 1:30pm to 3pm.

Photo Credit: Cheska Suarez

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